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Dancing is a beautiful, interesting and pleasant kind of leisure. Dance classes liberate the body and soul, help to keep themselves in proper physical shape, create an interesting social circle of free and interesting people.


Dance is inextricably linked with the inner emotional world of a person and is embodied in movements, figures, compositions. Dance classes will bring you a lot of pleasant and interesting minutes!


A sport dancing is the direction that implies the use of movements and elements in the corresponding rhythm, and the sequence under the pre-set music. Sport dancing is very popular, and all thanks to their beauty, sensuality and originality. Due to the popularity of sports dances there are many. This article will talk about what types of dance sport exist and how they differ from each other.


Types of sports dance are constantly changing and transforming in accordance with the emergence of new musical trends, rhythms and movements. That is why not classical ballroom dance, such as rumba or waltz, but modern dances based on the use of new, bright melody, such as tectonics, break dance, zumba, are more popular now.


Each type of sports dance is unique and inimitable, but each of them truly makes you feel how the rhythm of movements affects modern human life.


Modern sports dances are especially good because you can practice them at any age and participate in competitions too.


The current dances are not just beautiful, but also a very useful hobby that develops endurance, self-control, which forms a beautiful body and improves brain function.

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