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Advanced cosmetology courses at KEPRO SCHOOL ESTHETIC are designed for students with higher medical education. Training on the 3-month program "Full Course of Medical Cosmetology" is conducted on the basis of the medical company "Buta Esthetic" (theoretical part) and the state-of-the-art "Kepro Esthetic&Antiage Clinic" (practical part). For people with secondary medical education, training is possible ONLY within one of the modules. After studying at KEPRO SCHOOL ESTHETIC, you will gain an interesting new profession. Upon graduation and successful exams, you will receive  a diploma of an internationally recognized School in Azerbaijani, Russian and English. Starting from 2018, you have the opportunity, without going to Moscow, to receive in addition the RUDN Diploma (Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University of Russia) on the basis of the “Agreement on the joint implementation of the educational program” and the “Agreement on cooperation in the implementation of educational programs and scientific research. From now on, KEPRO SCHOOL ESTHETIC and RUDN jointly coordinate the implementation of educational and research programs.


10 reasons for choosing KEPRO SCHOOL ESTHETIC for acquiring one of the most sought-after professions today - a cosmetologist.


1. The best expert trainers! The teaching staff of KEPRO SCHOOL ESTHETIC constantly improves their knowledge, taking constant participation in world congresses and the best world master classes.


2. Professional teachers with medical education competently combine theoretical and practical classes for effective mastering the material and consolidating the necessary skills. The program of the School is based on evidence-based medicine, which is the basis for classical methods and the emergence of new methods with the analysis of the fundamentals and principles of the latest technologies.


3. Only for teachers of KEPRO SCHOOL ESTHETIC are invited stars of world aesthetic medicine, who share the latest advances in cosmetology and teaching techniques. There is no place for advertising in the School's work. Experts of the School actively introduce the latest techniques into the training course and pass on the accumulated experience to the students of the school.


4. The clinical base of the School is the clinic with the most modern material and technical base in the country: “Kepro Aesthetic&Antiage Clinic”. Hand setting and practicing injection skills are conducted in the best Western standards and using the latest materials and equipment.


5. The task of KEPRO SCHOOL ESTHETIC teachers is to lead students away from handicrafts to clinical thinking. A separate ingredient analysis of drugs, combinations, combinations and analysis of reactions regarding the patient's characteristics, the choice of drugs, the calculation of doses and the sequence in the work - all this distinguishes our School from others.


6. KEPRO SCHOOL ESTHETIC students have the opportunity to receive special discounts on purchases from major distributors of world brands during the first half of their professional years.


7. Our students are supported by us in terms of employment. «KEPRO SCHOOL ESTHETIC» to whom the most reputable organizations turn in search of the best staff.


8.  Even after training, the doors to the School and Clinic are open to students. Here they will always be helped, they will be given advice in the search for new solutions and combinations, they will help with the choice of methods and preparations, they will help with complications.


9. Classes at the School are conducted in Azerbaijani, Russian and, if necessary, in English. The area of our students in addition to Azerbaijan already has 7 countries: Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Italy and Canada.


10. We are proud that we graduate not only cosmetologists, but also teachers who are gaining teaching experience in our school and create their own training courses. Today, the KEPRO SCHOOL ESTHETIC concept is actively used in other schools and courses in the country.



-  Full provision with all consumables, teaching materials and literature.

-  For effective training groups are staffed with no more than 9 students

-  For convenience, there are day and night courses



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