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Air-flow procedure
Air-flow procedure

How is the ultrasonic cleaning of teeth Air-Flow?


Professional teeth cleaning with the help of AirFlow technology, which removes plaque using a controlled flow of the smallest particles of a special powder based on bicarbonate soda with water and air under pressure. At the same time, the achievement of pearl color is not accompanied by the thinning of the tooth enamel. Before cleaning the patient's gums are covered with protective material. Then the machine under high pressure processes the teeth and interdental spaces with a mixture of water, air and soda-based powder. At the end of the procedure, a special lacquer is applied to the surface of the teeth, which should reduce sensitivity.
Whitening Air-Flow is the fastest way to professional cleaning. In most cases, all manipulations take less than half an hour. However, depending on the condition and number of teeth treated, the duration of the procedure may vary slightly.
This method does not involve the use of painkillers. The brushing is absolutely painless, and only patients with tooth hypersensitivity can deliver minor discomfort, which can be easily eliminated with aerosol and applicative anesthetics.

Contraindications to the procedure Air-Flow?


The Air-Flow system is completely safe for health and belongs to gentle whitening methods. Contraindication to its use is not even the presence of a large number of patient seals.

 When is Air-Flow teeth whitening needed?


Air-flow brushing is shown to eliminate soft deposits and pigment spots caused by smoking, excessive consumption of coloring drinks (coffee, black tea, red wine), and wearing braces. Especially well this method is suitable for patients with so-called “crowded teeth”, which simply cannot be cleaned with a regular toothbrush. Also, teeth whitening using the Air-Flow method is used to prevent periodontal disease, cleanse veneers and ceramic crowns, and prepare teeth before home or clinical bleaching.

 What are the quality criteria of the Air-Flow system?


High-quality whitening using the Air-Flow method will clean the teeth from plaque and deposits, level their surface and lighten the enamel by a couple of tones. Subject to the basic rules of oral hygiene, the resulting effect will continue for several months. 
The bleaching method used in this system is based on the ability of oxygen molecules to eliminate even the brightest and most persistent pigment spots.
The Air-Flow procedure is to clean the surface of the teeth using a powder blasting apparatus.
Ultrasound teeth cleaning allows you to remove any deposits from the teeth and return them to the natural color.
Enamel remineralization is the process of restoring its structure with the help of mineral preparations.