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«The placenta aims to bring all the functions of the body as close as possible to their condition at a young age. This is the secret of the magic drug of youth and longevity».



Professor Yoshida Kentaro (from the book "Power of the Placenta")



Modern rhythm of life (insomnia, lack of sleep, stress, food on the go, headache) and harmful factors (gas pollution, alcohol, smoking) - all this creates prerequisites for early aging, weakening of the immune system, the emergence of chronic fatigue syndrome, exacerbation of old and new diseases. Our body can’t withstand such loads wear out ahead of time. Is it difficult for you to independently find a way out of this state?!


Laennec therapy will help you return to a young and active life!


The placenta is a unique treasury of bioactive compounds whose healing properties have been known since antiquity. About the energy effects of the placenta, its therapeutic and rejuvenating properties known and widely used in ancient Egypt, China, India, Greece, Japan, Korea.


Since the beginning of the last century, scientists from many countries began to study the placenta. Considering all the accumulated experience in the 1950s, Japanese scientists developed a truly unique technology for treating the placenta, producing a highly purified, stable and safe drug: Laennec is a hydrolyzate of the human placenta, an effective placenta-based stimulator of vital energy.


Japanese placental drug Laennec includes more than 50 components, including 18 vital amino acids, growth factors, enzymes, vitamins, trace elements, etc. Such a unique composition of a versatile effect on the person.


Laennec accurately identifies the weak links of the body and proceeds to their recovery at the cellular level. It stimulates sluggish, stagnant, fading life processes, corrects and reverses pathological conditions.


Laennec safely rejuvenates, renews and heals the body from the inside:

—  strengthens its own immunity,

— restores the liver, promotes general detoxification of the body,

— strengthens the cardiovascular, nervous and musculoskeletal systems,

— systematically improves the work of all internal organs,

— improves blood circulation, vision, memory, hearing,

— relieves stress, insomnia, general stress,

— effectively affects the pelvic organs, eliminates frigidity and sexual weakness.


Careful adherence to the technology of preparation of the drug from the natural placenta allows you to enter it in various ways: intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously and by the method of pharmacopuncture.


In Japan, Laennec has been used for over 50 years as part of the National Health Program for the Nation. During this time, the average life expectancy of the Japanese has grown from 63 to 82 years.


Happiness is not determined by money. Each of us has a passionate desire to be healthy and live long to enjoy our achievements.

This task will help you to solve Laennec!


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Laennec therapy
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