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Massage is one of the most effective practices for recovering the organism. Furthermore, humanity does not know a more ancient way to disposing of illnesses - thousands of years ago, people treated each other with their hands, controlling energy and acting on problem areas. Today, taking into account the age-old knowledge and development of medicine, the most popular types of massage are distinguished, which, thanks to all the same techniques of mechanical and reflex effects on tissues and organs, help to solve many health problems.


Wellness body massage

Wellness body massage


It is not just a pleasure. This type of massage has an incomparable healing effect on the whole body, as well as on the emotional state of a person. So, if you feel overwhelmed, tired, tense - welcome to our experienced specialists.
Everyone knows that massage is also an excellent medicine and the prevention of many diseases. It improves the condition of the skin, normalizes the work of all systems, harmonizes metabolic processes, activates the blood supply to the skin, tissues, organs, increases muscle tone.

You will feel how tiredness disappears, a feeling of heaviness after just a few sessions, and after a course of procedures you will be fully updated.

In our center you can sign up for a classic massage or a general 4-body massage, stone therapy with volcanic stones. If you need a deeper study of tissues, muscles, we invite you to sessions of intensive body massage, treatment of osteochondrosis.

Wellness body massage:
  —  Stone therapy with volcanic stones
  —  Treatment of osteochondrosis
  —  Massage with herbal bags
  —  Sports massage
  —  Shirodhara Ayurveda
  —  Thai classic massage
  —  Thai oil massage
Holistic healing of the body, restoration and rejuvenation of the spine and joints
Modeling (corrective, contouring) massage is a special technique of manual exposure to problem areas.
It has an incomparable healing effect on the whole body, as well as on the emotional state of a person.
Aromatherapy stimulates the healing mechanisms of the body, promotes the removal of toxins, makes the muscles more firm and elastic, and also improves skin tone.
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