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Braces characteristics


Curved teeth and abnormal bite are quite a serious aesthetic problem for many people, and it is not only in discomfort due to appearance. Improper position of the teeth or jaws leads to problems with bite, speech and chewing problems, changes in the facial profile, gum disease, wear of teeth. It even affects the occurrence of caries. Without treatment, this damage to the teeth and jaws often progresses, which can lead to additional deformities.


 Braces are one of the means of orthodontic treatment, designed to align teeth or eliminate problems associated with bite. Treatment with these orthodontic appliances can be used from 12-13 years old, i.e. from the age when the patient has already grown permanent teeth, however, this method is often used to treat adults. When performing orthodontic treatment in adolescence, orthodontic anomalies can be eliminated more quickly and at a higher level. Adults have braces installed either to correct certain areas (treatment aid) or to level all teeth and restore full bite.


Vestibular braces set on the outside of the teeth. Locks are glued to the teeth and connected to each other by an arc. Thus, the orthodontist has the ability to adjust the bite by influencing the wire.



Vestibular braces are classified by the material from which their body is made. They can be metal, ceramic or sapphire.


Metal braces

This type of braces has become particularly widespread. Metal braces can vary in size and degree of comfort, but be that as it may, they represent one of the most budgetary options.



Ceramic braces


 Considered one of the most aesthetic braces for regular wear. Ceramics, which is used in the composition, have a matte ceramic insert in the color of the tooth - combined with the enamel of the teeth. It is almost invisible and very durable. The absence of ligatures makes this system comfortable throughout the entire period of treatment.


There is another variant of the combined bracket-system, when transparent locks are installed on the front teeth, and on the remaining metal ones.



Sapphire braces


 For a large number of people, the term “sapphire braces” is associated with minerals of a beautiful blue hue, which are quite difficult to imagine as part of a bracket system. In fact, everything is a little different. It is not worth fearing that your mouth will turn into a casket with jewels. Yes, the orthodontic apparatus is really made of sapphires, but artificially grown in the laboratory. These stones have no color, which is fundamentally different from natural minerals. Among the main advantages of sapphire orthodontic systems are the following.


   - Aesthetics. Locks unobtrusive in everyday wear and effectively sparkle in the rays of bright light.


  - Reliability. The strength of sapphire braces is inferior only to diamond, they are able to withstand even serious loads.


   - Immunity to neon lighting. Useful quality system for nightclubs.


  - Quick adaptation. The patient in a short time gets used to the design, as it is polished so that all corners are smoothed to the maximum.


  - Resistance to staining. Coloring foods and drinks will not noticeably affect the color of the system.


  - Hypoallergenic.



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