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Figure correction
The process of applying pulsed currents to treat and restore the natural work of muscles, tissues, nerves, internal organs.
Shock wave therapy for fibrous cellulitis. Loosening adipose tissue, improving blood circulation and metabolism.
This type of massage ensures disappearance of subcutaneous fat and cellulite, makes the skin elastic and taut.
Effective influence on local fat depots. Result: taut and smooth skin, elimination of cellulite, reduction of local fat depots.
BodyFX target adipose tissue in large and small body areas, to improve the appearance of cellulite.
The combination of multiple hands-free applicators and adjustable belts allow practitioners to provide simultaneous treatments on multiple areas of concern.
The procedure of activating the process of lymphatic drainage and eliminating the problem of fluid retention - edema.
Technology of intradermal injection of preparations for the correction of fat depots in the abdomen, back, waistline, hips, arms.
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