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Laser therapy and laser aesthetics
Fractional laser photothermolysis (also known as co2 fraxel) is a rejuvenation method that is ideal in terms of efficiency and safety.
Removal of unwanted hair on all skin types (Diolaze by Inmode, Diode, Alexandrite). Maximum safe and painless laser epilation.
Bloodless, painless and safe disposal of any neoplasms on the skin of the face and body.
With the help of a fractional non-ablative laser, fine wrinkles, postpartum stretch marks are eliminated and the skin structure is rejuvenated.
Removal of blood vessels with a laser beam is based on the method of gluing the walls of the affected blood vessel.
Treatment of couperosis, rosacea, hemangiomas (including in children), removal of spider veins, elimination of pigmentation.
Laser skin resurfacing. Smoothes deep static wrinkles, removes scars, cicatrices, reduces the expression of “crow's feet”.
Laser carbon peeling combines the effect of a laser beam and the effect of photorejuvenation due to carbon dioxide carbon nanoparticles.
The technology allows you to deal with disorders of pigmentation, vascular malformations, correct age-related changes in tissues.
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