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What is a weight loss program?


The specialists of the clinic have developed a comprehensive program of safe weight loss for women and for men. Unlike most programs that provide a short-term slimming effect, the KEPRO clinic program allows you to identify and eliminate the causes of weight gain.


The program combines diagnostics, treatment-and-prophylactic procedures, physical exercises, food style, psychological training and theoretical preparation of the patient.


The problem of excess weight is being worked out in several directions simultaneously. In the course of the program, three groups of factors causing the problem are identified and analyzed - biological, psychological and social. Individual ways of confronting these factors are being developed. The natural mechanism of weight loss is launched. The patient’s psychological attitudes are changing, harmful eating habits are neutralized, and a steady motivation is created to achieve the desired result.


In addition to pronounced weight loss with a tendency to further weight loss, the patient receives a theoretical basis. This knowledge will allow you to safely control your own body weight - without psychological stress associated with diets, self-restraint in the field of nutrition, uncomfortable changes in life, etc.


In the process of passing the program, the patient is accompanied and advised by a psychologist, nutritionist, sports trainer, therapist and other specialists, whose participation is determined individually.


The program is designed for women and men and has a number of differences due to gender.


The weight Loss Program
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