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it is simple, but very effective surgical intervention, allowing to correct and prevent some problems related to the appearance and health of the person.
Modern dentistry has learned to solve all problems in the oral cavity quickly, efficiently and absolutely painlessly.
Dental implantation is the operation of creating an additional support for end or inclusive defects of the dentition by using special implants of various kinds
Periodontitis is an inflammatory process in the tissues surrounding a tooth, as a result of which their destruction occurs.
A cystectomy (removal of a cyst) is aimed at removing a cyst in the jaw, which over time can lead to destruction of bone tissue.
Cosmetic gum repair or gingival contouring becomes an integral part when planning a smile.
Resection (amputation, removal) of the root top is a surgical operation, the purpose of which is to eliminate the source of infection in the dental root.
Exostoses of the gums are bone growths in the form of spikes, bumps, protrusions, ridges formed in the body of the jaw or on the alveolar process.
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