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Cosmetology with a male character.

Procedures for the strong half of humanity.


In our clinic, specially for men, complex programs have been developed for the care of the face and body, taking into account the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the body.


We understand that most men do not have free time and in rare cases are able to enjoy several hours spent in a specialist’s chair. Therefore, all wishes are carried out in the shortest possible time.

Do you want to actively engage in sports, but excessive sweating prevents it? This problem is solvable with the help of botulinum toxin. A half-hour procedure will allow you to forget about sweating for a long time and feel confident in any stressful situation.

The downside to high level of testosterone in the blood of men are frequent hair problems and increased hair loss. A trichologist will help to cope with this, to preserve and return hair. In the arsenal of a specialist: computer diagnostics, specific examinations, a complex of effective physiotherapy procedures.

НNot all scars adorn a man. Acne scars, stretch marks or postoperative scars do not make them attractive, and they need to be fought. For this purpose, laser techniques, mesotherapy, peeling are used.

Also, cosmetology for men includes laser rejuvenation programs, injection procedures, photoepilation and other methods, which allow to significantly improve the skin condition, while maintaining naturalness and individuality.

Do you want to keep health, activity and youth for many years?


(DNA-) laboratory test will help in this, which determines the number and composition of products that are necessary for you, as well as the optimal level and type of physical activity and some other vital indicators.


Want to have a slim and taut body, but there is no time for fitness? Hardware massage, myostimulation and electrolipolysis will make your figure slim and taut.


For the most courageous, we offer thread lifting techniques. The effect of the procedures is comparable to the result of plastic surgery.

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