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Light legs


The comprehensive program “Light Legs” is designed to relieve swelling and heaviness in the legs, improve blood circulation, eliminate congestive processes, is a measure for the prevention of varicose veins in the legs.


Phlebologists at KEPRO Clinic successfully treat acute and chronic vascular diseases, the most common of which are:


  —  phlebeurysm,

  —  chronic venous insufficiency,

  —  thrombosis and thrombophlebitis,

  —  trophic ulcers,

  —  atherosclerosis.


If the following symptoms occur, sign up for a consultation with a phlebologist:

  —  cramps, pain in the legs (at rest or under load);

  —  swelling of the feet and legs;

  —  the appearance of a feeling of "buzz", a feeling of heaviness or a burning sensation in the legs;

  —  the appearance of spider veins on the lower limbs;

  —  morbidness and protrusion (bloating) of veins;

  —  prompt fatigability of the legs in any load.


The doctor will develop effective preventive measures aimed at eliminating the causes of venous disease and preventing relapse.

The specialists of the clinic successfully use sclerotherapy - the most successful minimally invasive method of treating varicose disease to date.

Women suffer from various pathologies of the venous system. This is due not only to the hereditary factor, but also to the monthly significant fluctuation of hormonal levels, pregnancy and childbirth.

To determine the existing state of the external and deep veins, in addition to the general clinical diagnosis, an ultrasonic vein scan is performed. According to the results of the study, depending on the location of the lesion of the vein (diameter, length and depth), the nature and stage of the disease, the most effective method and method of treatment is chosen.




Light lymphatic drainage foot massage


Relieves fatigue, swelling, heaviness of the legs. Thanks to a special technique, lymphatic drainage massage effectively improves the condition of the lymph and its circulation. This massage helps to strengthen blood vessels, improve metabolism, relieve puffiness and eliminate cellulite. Lymphatic drainage massage is one of the most effective prevention of varicose veins.


Also this program is very effectively combined with pressotherapy.


You can sign up for a consultation and get more information at the Kepro Esthetic & Antiage Clinic.


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