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Causes and symptoms of "male" diseases. Previously it was believed that this kind of disease - the "destiny" of the elderly, but recently the contingent of patients became "sharply younger." Poor ecology, reduction of immune power of the body, a history of sedentary lifestyles, sexual promiscuity leads to the fact that young people are increasingly faced with diseases of the reproductive system. The development of difficult-to-treat persistent chronic diseases of the male reproductive system can be the result of improper treatment or an attempt to cure yourself. Signs indicating the need for immediate treatment to a doctor-andrologist: violation of potency, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, itching, burning and discharge from the urethra, pain during intercourse, persistent discomfort during urination.


A comprehensive treatment program at the andrologist implies not only the application of the most optimal developments, but also an individual approach to each patient who applies.


Specialists of our clinic successfully diagnose and effectively solve such problems of the male genital area as:


-  Dysfunction of the sexual sphere (lack of desire and erection, premature ejaculation).

-  Male infertility.

-  Problems associated with age (andropause, age-related hypogonadism).

-  Increased fatigue, stress, nervousness, weakness, anxiety. 


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Man's health
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