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Anti-age gynecology. New quality of life.

Anti-aging medicine is one of the most modern clinical areas, reflecting a fundamentally new approach to human health. The main principle of anti-aging medicine is the identification of conditions and diseases associated with age prior to aging, prior to the onset of manifestation or in the early stages of development, their prevention and complex treatment in order to slow down the aging process of the whole organism. In order to revitalize the reproductive system, which includes the restoration of the function of the endocrine glands of the female genitalia, placental therapy LAENNEC is used.


The women's health program also includes an exclusive intimate rejuvenation technique - MonaLisa Touch on the high-tech laser apparatus DEKA. Many women, especially after childbirth, complain about the loss of elasticity of the vagina, which leads to a decrease in sexual satisfaction. Laser rejuvenation of the vagina allows you to solve the delicate health problems of the intimate sphere without the need to visit a plastic surgeon or receive drugs based on hormones.


The unique laser procedure instantly reduces vaginal tissue, reduces laxity, makes it elastic and resilient. During the procedure, local anesthesia is used. After the procedure no special care is required. The procedure of laser rejuvenation of the vagina is also indicated for atrophic vaginitis, accompanied by dryness, burning, and painful sensations.


And one more frequent indication that the DEKA device can easily handle is laser correction of hyperpigmentation (bleaching of the perineal skin).


The Anti-age Gynecology program is aimed at slowing down the aging of the female genital tract, rejuvenating and restoring the female reproductive system, preventing skin aging, bone destruction, and damage to the heart and brain vessels. An individual program is developed for each patient. The process of drawing up an anti-aging program begins with the examination and diagnosis of the state of the body.


Expected effects:

 - Improving well-being. Improving the quality of life.

 - Normalization of sexual life.

 - Improving the appearance of the skin.

 - The disappearance of hot flashes, vaginal dryness.

 - Extension of female youth. Increase self-esteem.

 - Normalization of memory. Normalization of blood pressure.

 - Increase the body tone.



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Women Health
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